La Siciliana Polli S.r.l.

V.A.T.: 01938690870


C/da In Carrozza, snc
95045 Misterbianco CT
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Phone: +39 095 303888
Phone: +39 095 302398
Fax: +39 095 464197
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La Siciliana Polli e non solo ... ! Alimenti di altà qualità, freschi, in conserve e prodotti per la conservazione e la distribuzione. Consegne giornaliere puntuali. Prezzi imbattibili. Call center e il sito i modi semplici per contattarci o raggiungerci di persona grazie alla mappa interattiva con le coordinate per il navigatore.

Welcome to our company

     Since more of 30 years “La Siciliana Polli S.r.l.” operates in the wholesale of poultry, chickens, turkey, rabbits High quality, and ..... not only. All our meat has come from somewhere safe and controlled from the slaughter, whether fresh or frozen, and this means that customers will always have High quality products.
     Our prerogatives are: quality, hygiene and professionalism that make the product safe and secure and immediately ready to be sold in compliance with the hygiene rules laid down by the HACCP protocol. The direct involvement of company owners in the preparation and production is a further guarantee of the proper management of all processes.
     The company operates direct deliveries and with means suitable for transportation of fresh and frozen goods. Our means of making day trips for delivery to our customers, ensuring that they always receive fresh goods. Routes can be changed depending on the needs of our customers.
     This site is a showcase of some of our products, but we are pleased to be able to give explanations to any request we will mail. “La Siciliana Polli S.r.l.” implements a program of self-control using the HACCP system, transporting all products supplied by us respecting the regulatory requirements for food of animal origin.

AUT. MIN. N.° REG. DIA : 087029463210305C090262.